Butterflies have to be one of the most amazing creatures I’ve studied so far.  We ordered a butterfly garden for our daughter this last Christmas and it’s been an amazing journey.  I’ve never seen the process live, just on pictures or video.  Let me be the first to tell you that it’s amazing, to see the caterpillars turn into cocoons, then butterflies.  We woke up one morning and all of the sudden we saw a butterfly.  We have it in our back patio which is screened so that it doesn’t get harmed by anything and it has plenty of room to fly.  It’s amazing.  I will reorder some more for our teds woodworking review group i’m sure they’d get a kick out of watching it.


I think the very best tasting bread I have tasted is cheese bread. I had tried the everything flavored bread, which by the way with the hint of onion flavor is pretty good. I think we all have a new favorite now. There was a new bread at the store that had cheese baked into the crust, it was delicous. Great for sandwiches, snack, breakfast, or just to eat with some butter, very good stuff.  It’s a good thing I got free money for college so I can spend more on yummy bread.

I am certainly not complaining but it’s funny living in a place that is warm most of the year.

You never know towards the end of the year if it’s going to be hot or cold on a particular day because of the climate we live in. I remember as a kid, around Christmas, some days we were dressed in jeans and sweaters, other days we were in shorts. I certainly appreciate that more than having to shovel snow though.  It sounds as wacky as wacky scholarships, I know, someone saying it’s too warm, well, it’s all in what you are used to.


Stickers can be so useful around the house and you don’t even know it. Let’s say your child has a project to do for school and you’ve run out of tape, and oh, it’s due at school the very next morning and it’s way too late to go to the store. Well, this happened to me and yes, I was freaking out. Until my daughter said, hey mom, I’ve got these stickers we could use. Voila, instant tape, now if credit card consolidation loans were so easy.

Gift Cards

I think it’s really cool that you can find a gift card, like a visa, or a mastercard to buy someone some money so that they can get what they want. It’s much better than sending cash as it can be tracked and you can cancel the card if you feel like it’s been stolen. The very best part is the person you give it to can buy whatever they want, they are not forced into accepting a gift that you pick out for them blindly.  Now, after buying all these gifts for people and family, I’ll have to take a course on how to consolidate debt.  ha ha.


Cleaning around the house seems much more tollerable when it’s cooler outside even more tollerable than the best term life insurance companies commercials I am seeing all the time when watching my favorite shows. Typically, I get up, get my coffee, then I usually go on a short walk, just to get my blood flowing. Then, twice per week, I clean the house, fully, bathrooms, bedrooms, sweeping, mopping, vaccuuming, the works. However, when it’s hot outside, I’m much less motivated to work too hard and get hot too easily. It’s much nicer when it’s cooler.

Ran Out

We went to the store today to buy coffee, a particular brand that we just tried a few months ago and are hooked on it. We woke up, got dressed, got ready to go, and drove to the store which is about 20 minutes away. We walked in, went to the coffee and tea isle, and guess what? Out of all of the brands of coffee they had, they had every brand stocked, but the particular brand we were trying to get, they didn’t have. Luckily, we were about to go to another store close by and get a different type of our normal brand.  Or, I could have called the left handed scholarships group my moms in, they always have great coffee.

Make Someones Day

  1. I remember some fun times with a girlfriend of mine and I was thinking about her today as I was doing some work on my computer. We should always keep in touch with those around us, no matter what is going on in our lives, never lose touch. You can always make a difference in someones life just by remembering them, like remembering consolidating credit card debt or cleaning your house, we remember those little things, so try giving them a call, saying, hey, i’m thinking about you. It’s amazing what one little hello can do to brighten up someones day