How much fun is it to make a jack o lantern.  There are so many more tools out there today to make a pumpkin look cool, I wish they had more than just your normal household kitchen knife years ago.  That’s all we were able to use and we would normally take a pen and draw a face for the pumpkin.  We used the credit card debt pens we’d receive in the mail since we didn’t care if they were broken.  Now, they have these cool tracing book with all kinds of different patterns, faces, and animals to choose from.  The kits normally come with several cutting tools also for different things like the eyes and mouth.  It makes it much easier than it used to be.


My girlfriend just called me today wanting me to go hiking with her today.  I met her in a scholarships for women over 40 group.  I told her I had to think about it.  I’m not sure if I would really go at all.  I hear so much about this person or that person that had a serious injury or was fatally injured while hiking.  It makes me think twice.  Not to mention, I’m pretty out of shape, not overweight, just not working out.  Not to mention the weather, it’s been pretty hot and humid out.  Doesn’t seem like a good combination, or maybe I’m just making excuses.  I should just meet my fears head on and go ahead and do it anyway.


There are so many debt consolidation loans bad credit out there that it’s hard to choose one.  I’m finally out of that situation so I can’t complain.  I’m so glad that we have internet today, I don’t know what people did back before computers when they wanted to shop around.  I suppose they would just look through the yellow pages or something.  Or possibly call a friend and get advise through word of mouth.  I’m just glad we are in an age where we can surf the net and find out as much information as possible.  Greatful!

Rock Climbing

I’m really wanting to go rock-climbing soon but I’m a bit scared.  I don’t mean rock-climbing on one of those indoor arenas, but outdoors.  It looks like so much fun, I wonder who was the first person to rock climb?  It just seems so beautiful, just you, and and mountain, rock your climbing.  No cell phones, no co workers, no parents, no noise, sounds wonderful.  I suppose I’ll do some further research as to where is the best place to go.  I saw a billboard on eliminate your credit card debt with someone climbing up a big rock with the sun setting in the background.  That is how I got inspired, silly, but, it just looked so peaceful and fulfilling.  Now I just have to recruit some friends.

Weird Stuff

Weird stuff you find online, weird al yankovic, news for weird, weird scholarships, weird relationships, weird faces, you name it!  Why does everything have to be weird?  It really turns me away from wanting to go online altogether.  Some of it is really scary, I’m glad that I have parental controls for our little one so that she doesn’t have to encounter some of this weirdness.  I don’t get peoples fixation on the weird, I just find it creepy.  But, that’s just my opinion, others may feel differently.  Either which way, it inevitable that you will always find something very interesting any time you go online.

Peter Pan

Does anyone remember the movie Peter Pan?

How do you think that compares to the new one?  Hey, what can I say, this is what I do with my downtime when it’s slow at my credit debt job.  I think about recent movies I’ve seen.  So, I was watching Peter Pan, the new one with Dustin Hoffman, I have to say, it is pretty good.

Robin Williams was fantastic, he played the character very well.  I was lost in the movie!  I really like movies that take me away and get my mind off of the normal everyday.