I really don’t understand some of the things they are showing on television saying it is for kids. We were home yesterday looking for a good movie for us to watch with our 6 year old son and came across one that looked and sounded like it would be okay for him. So, we started watching it. It seemed like it was for kids, said it was for kids, but the more we started watching it. The more we realized, it was not for young kids, or perhaps the content was not something we would want him picking up on. I really think parents should be more careful about allowing their children to watch things that have magic and magical things in it. Or at least explain to their children that it’s not real. Otherwise, you have these kids out there trying to attempt things that could really get them hurt. We should be focused more on their education and free money for college.  Teaching them good things, Not like what these magic shows teach like trying to fly out of a window, or something like that. We personally don’t believe he should be watching to much with witchcraft in it. That’s just our opinion though.

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